She was born 11 August 1981 in Wrocław. In 2007 she had honours degree on Karol Lipinski Musical Academy in Wroclaw (vocal faculty). Her professor was Barbara Ewa Werner. She received the one year lasting scholarship in the Italian Musical Conservatory in Verona, She educated her voice in Italy at masters of bel-canto art such as: Bruno Pola, Alida Ferrarini, Enrico De Mori, Mario Melani, Alessandra Althoff-Pugliese, Danile Anselmi. She works with numerous artistic agencies in the whole Europe and the United States,

In 2008 she performed the tour in France with outstanding French organist Fabrice Pitrois. She sang in The National Theatre in Montenegro (former Yugoslavia) in presence of the President of this country. From the concert there was carried out the broadcast.

In 2009 she made debut in Italy in Padova as Mimi in the operas La Boheme and Il Tabarro of Puccini (as Giorgietta and Amante). The singer performed numerous concerts with the symphony orchestra of Italian conductor Maestro Enrico De Mori (also conducting also Teatro alla Scala).

In 2010 she sang in Vienna recitals with the pianist Cezary Kwapisz. The she performed Italian belcanto arias and songs of Polish romantic composers. She performed the sacral work "Glory" and "Laudate Pueri" of Vivaldi as well. Her performances took place in most part of Italy. Symphony orchestra under the management the Maestro Paolo Fumei accompanied the artist.

In 2011 Dominica sang the main part in the world premiere of opera „Tramonto Coronaro” under the management the Maestro Stefano Carlini in Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza. Dominica Zamara gave concerts, recitals and operas in the large part of Europe: Spain, Las Palmas, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, France. She performed the role of Silvia in opera "Zanetto" of Mascagni.

In 2012 she made debut in United States in Warner of Grand Theater in Los Angels with the composer of Walt Disney - Maria Newman and the with chamber orchestra fron Holywood. She had many concerts in Malibu, New York and in Arkansas (Eureka Springs) too. International symphony orchestra under the management of Maestro Thomas Chun-Yu-Chen accompanied her. Concerts took place during the Festival Of The Classical Music.

In 2013 performed concerts in Rome at Teatro Orione. This concert was broadcasted on TV.In the Basilica Padre Pio in Pietrelcina took place concerts of the church music together with the Maestro VincevTempera. In Vienna during the Award Gala she received the Golden Owl (the equivalent the Polish Community Oscar) in classical music category of the classical music and music achievement. The similar prize received the Polish tenor Piotr Beczala. Dominika Zamara had debut in Italy in the role of Rosina in the opera "Il Barbiere di Siviglia" by Rossini. The artist performed the tour in the United States together with the classical guitarist Stanley Alexandrowicz. She sang opera arias in the arrangement on spanish guitar and the contemporary music in New York, Boston, Washington D.C, Philadelphia, Princeton and Baltimore. She sang arias of Puccini in Dallas (Texas U.S.A.) with the symphony orchestra in the CICA Music Festival. In September she had her debut in the most prestigious concert hall Avery Fischer in New York Avery Fischer by Metropolitan Opera. The symphony orchestra counting 120 musicians accompanied her. During the concert an announcer was the superb american actor - Kevin Spacey. Dominica performed main parties in the opera "La Serva Padrona" of Pergolesi in Italian Operatic Theatres.The symphonic orchestra under the management Maestro Claudio Colmanet accompanied her as well. She received in Morcone the international Padre Pio Award Padre Pio for artistic achievement,

 In 2014 sang main role in the contemporary opera "Vincenzo Faggiano La Serva di Padova" in Teatro Verdi in Padova. She recorded DVD for the Italian Television Cremona1 „Laudate Pueri” by Vivaldi and „Exultate Jubilate” of Mozart together with the orchestra La Certosa under the management the Maestro Paolo Fumei, She acted during the Festival Of The Classical Music Evmelia in Greece. The pianist Ramzi Shomali accompanied her. An artist performed „Stabat Mater” of Pergolesi in Italian churches with the orchestra La Certosa. She received an A.N.L.A.I Stradivari Award in Cremona for the success of DVD containing the music of Vivaldi and Mozart. Dominica Zamara sang in New Jersey with Baroque Orchestra under the management Maestro Robert W. Butts. In this concert special guest was composer from Vatican - Mons Frisina. Together with the pianist Alejandro Barranon the artist debuted in Mexico in the most prestigious concert hall in Latin America - the Room Manuel Ponce.

2015 played the role of Serpina in the opera La Serva Padrona by G. B. Pergolesi at the Teatro San Domenico of Crema directed by Maestro Robert W. Butts. She sang in Rome in the Sala Accademica del Pontificio Istituto di Musica Sacra, recorded a recital, accompanied on piano by Maestro Andrea Musso, for Cremona1 TV. He performed a concert tour in China, She sang in Assisi, in the Cattedrale of San Rufino during Festival Assisi Suono Sacro, under the direction of Maestro Roberto Miele of the Teatro La Scala in Milan. She sang during Festival Cracovia Sacra. She was sing for Polish President Andrzej Duda in Embassy in Rome.

The 2016 sees her debut with a tour in South Korea, including a concert at the Royal Azalea Blossom Festival final concert, with the Prime Philharmonic Orchestra, sang during the first edition of Festival Biennale Arte Dolomiti. She performed at the Festival Assisi Souno Sacro and at the Festival Cracovia Sacra during the World Youth Days with the presence of Pope Francis, accompanied by the flutist Andrea Ceccomori. While in New Jersey she played the role of Susanna in the opera Le Nozze di Figaro by W. A. Mozart for the opening of the Summer Music Festival, she performed at the Philharmonic Theatre in Lublin.

2017 concert at the Teatro San Carlino in Brescia for Italian TV, at the Festival Mozart Nacht und Tag IX of Turin, at the Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo in Foggia (UNESCO World Heritage) where he received in prize the sculpture "The Tree of Life" by the International Association Acceptus Mundi Onlus (of which he became the Honorary Vice President). In Romania it recorded a DVD (AA. VV.) With the Ploieti Symphony Orchestra directed by M ° Sameer Hatoum. She inaugurated the Chopin Forever Festival in San Gemini and the International Festival Asisa in Madrid with the presence of pianist Joaquín Achúcarro, Alion Baltic Music Festival in Tallinn Under the direction of the Maetsro Grigory Soroko  and Noc Cracovia Sacra in Krakow.

In 2018 Dominika Zamara took part in Mozart's Festival "Nacht Und Tagus IX" in Turin. In Venice she sang the main part in the contemporary opera „Afrodita” written by american composer S. Constantinidis. During her tour in the U.S.A. she appeared in „Stabat Mater” by G.B. Pergolesi in Dallas and in Steinway Hall in Miami (XX-th edition of Festival of Contemporary Music). In Belluno she appeared on the Second Edition of Biennial "Arte Dolomiti". Then she sang in Lethorad in the Czech Republic on "Mezinárodní Hudební Festival" and in Solarino on International Guitar Festival. Dominika Zamara appeared on Sicily and in the Marcello Theatre in Rome. She was a participant of the Alion Baltic Festival together with Alion Baltic Chamber. Orchestra was conducted by the Maestro Josephine Koh. The festival happened in the capital of Estonia - Talin. Then artist took part in 51st edition of Saraceni Festival (the festival of the ancient and baroque music) in Mondovi (Montenegro). As the soprano artist she appeared in Poland, in Theatre Philharmonic in Jelenia Góra. She made her debut in Canada on the tour in Vancouver. In Warsaw she sang during the Great Gala „Polish Businness Woman Award”, where she was honoured a statuette and was to be favoured for artistic results and the promotion of the polish classical music throughout the world. In Dallas (U.S.A.) happened the american premiere the A.Panufnik's (contemporary Polish composer). Dominika Zamara had the meaningful part in this event. In Vatican City she sang a concert, and then in the basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua during an inauguration of the restored chapel of Saint Stanislav.

In 2019 she performed "Il Tramonto Respighi" in Pollini Auditorium in Padua. In Milan, in Basilica of St. Marek she sang solo-party in the Requiem of Mozart together with orchestra conducted by Maestro Aldo Bernardi.  Dominika Zamara was making her debut in Buenos Aires in recital for the Beethoven's Foundation. In Florence she performed  Pergolesi's "Stabat Mater" conducted by Maestro Alan Freiles. Dominika created part of Sesto In the Sena Theatre in Feltre Dominika created the part of Sesto in the world premiere of the opera "Livia” by A.Caldary conducted by Maestro Fabrizio da Ros. In Świdnica at the Peace Church she perfomed the world premiere "Missa Brevis" composed by Paweł Pudlo. She sang during historic Organalia Festival in Turin. She interpreted the part of Elvira in "Don Giovanni" of Mozart in direction of Golat Ludek conducted by Maestro Fabrizio da Ros. Dominika Zamara performed Serpina's part in the opera" La Serva Padrona" of Pergolesi in Teatro Marcello in Rome . Dominika Zamara performed the main part of Violetta in opera "La Traviata" by Verdi conducted by Maestro Gianmarco Moncalieri in Pavia Town. In Warsaw she sang songs of J.J.Panderewski in the Palladium Theatrtre of the song J.I.Paderewskiego together with orchestra conducted by Maestry Anne Duczmal-Mroz. This concert was organised under the auspices of the President of Andrzej Duda. Dominika Zamara was making her debut in Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milan performed songs of F.Chopin. Artist acted during the Tempia Festival in Teatro Vittoria in Turin. She gave a concert in Capodistrii on Slovenia together with baritone Neven Stipanov. Dominika Zamara sang in the Polish Radio's Lutoslawski  accompanied by pianist - Agata Steczkowska.